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Heather Horton

Mayberry Street Hidden by Heather Horton
Mayberry Street Hidden
2013, Oil on Canvas
48 X 36 inches, 122 X 91.4 cm.
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Heather Horton was born in Burlington, Ontario in 1974. After completing a degree in English from McMaster University in Hamilton, she decided to pursue a career in art.

In 2002, she completed the illustration program at Sheridan College in Oakville. Since graduating from Sheridan she has exhibited her work in juried, group and solo shows. Heather’s work can be found in private collections in Canada, The United States, Germany and Great Britain.

Heather was elected to the Society of Canadian Artists in 2002 and to the Ontario Society of Artists in 2007.

“My work is primarily figurative. I strive to create a visual tension in my work through cropping, stark environments and overall composition."

“There is a prevailing sense of isolation and alienation in my paintings. I want the viewer to wonder what is beyond the borders of the canvas. I like to paint natural people/objects in natural surroundings…environments that are special to them, with minimal posing and no pretense.”

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Exhibition of Paintings July 13 to August 17, 2013.
Surfacing 2012
Newfoundland Portraits
OSA Show
Passages Exhibit 2007
An Aesthetic Voyage: Paintings Inspired by the Journeys of Christopher McCandless

The Stone House by Heather Horton
The Stone House
2013, Oil
10 X 30 inches, 25 X 46
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After the Storm by Heather Horton
After the Storm
2013, Oil on Panel
18 X 36 inches, 46 X 91 cm.
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Hannah, Osmosis by Heather Horton
Hannah, Osmosis
2013, Oil on Panel
36 X 48 inches, 91 X 122 cm.
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